All-On-4 Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile With All-On-4 Dental Implants

Are you struggling with significant teeth loss and want some advanced, full-arch restoration options? Do you want fixed all-on-4 dental implants to transform your mouth’s functionality and appeal?

Welcome to Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic – the smile experts of Australia.

We deliver perfect smiles through a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options by focusing on the general oral health and wellbeing of our patients. Our all-on-4 restoration will give you natural-teeth like function and give you the confidence of a full smile.

Who Can Get All-On-4?

People who struggle with the following dentistry issues choose the modern rehabilitation option:

Patients with significant teeth loss in either upper or lower jaw, or both

Patients with significant teeth loss in either upper or lower jaw, or both

Patients with advanced gum disease or terminal dentition.

Patients with advanced gum disease or terminal dentition.

People who currently use removable dentures but want fixed solutions

People who currently use removable dentures but want fixed solutions

Patients who want fixed restoration but have poor jawbone quality

Patients who want fixed restoration but have poor jawbone quality

Our all-on-4 treatment procedure lets to receive the fixed solution for patients who have insufficient jawbone density. If you want to get your restoration in a single day or immediate solution and require quick functionality, book an appointment with us today.

The Treatment Procedure

As an advanced all-on-4 clinic in Australia, we have a standardised treatment procedure that gives you a complete smile in three stages. Our procedure is minimally invasive to provide you with quick healing and recovery.

Our dental procedures are completed in the following stages:

Initial Consultation

Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic will give a free smile analysis for you, and our dentists will confirm whether treatment can offer the ideal transformation to your smile and functionality. If it provides, our implant specialists will complete an oral examination, take x-rays and 3D images, and review your dental and medical records. We will also confirm the need for any tooth to begin the procedure.

Getting All-On-4

Before beginning the procedure, our implant dentists will administer general anesthesia and remove any tooth from the jaw. Next, our dentists will prepare your gums and jaw and fix the implants – 4 implants – through a minimally invasive procedure.
While we place the two anterior implants vertically, the implants to the posterior region are tilted at 45 degrees. The tilted implants get enhanced bone-to-implant contact that allows enough bone support for patients with minimum bone volume.

Our dentists will then put the sutures, take the impressions of your gums and jaw, and allow you to relax. We will design a dental bridge at our clinic using the impressions and try it onto your jaw after 24 hours. After checking the bites, our dentists will make the necessary adjustments and fix it permanently to give you a complete smile.

Treatment Planning

Based on the initial consultation, we will create a tailored all-on-4 plan to restore your full smile. The treatment plan will have the end-to-end procedure, the locations of implants in your jaw, the expected results, and more. We will communicate the entire procedure to you, including the all-on-4 cost and 3D visualisation of the treatment, to ensure that you are receiving a transparent service and satisfied with the results.

The Cost Of The Procedure

Based on the type of implants used and the need for custom made dental bridges, the total cost of the procedure may vary. Since the entire treatment is completed at our clinic, including the preparation of the bridges, you will find our services one of the cheapest all-on-4 options in Australia. Depending on your oral condition and expectation, the treatment can cost you $20,000–$35,000 per arch.

If your dental insurance covers dental restoration, you can save the cost based on the coverage. At Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we offer interest-free monthly payment plans to make our treatment options affordable and flexible to the patients. Reach us out to learn more about the options.

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